CBDology Branding Studios, a focused CBD Marketing Agency

Giving Voice To Your Brand

In order for your business to have successful sales and grow its client base, you need to have a quality marketing strategy. That’s where we come in. We’ve been in the game for a while and have proven our methods noteworthy with some big-name clients. To make your marketing strategy work you have to hit all the bases. CBDology does this for you by doing everything from website design, to video creation, to letting the press know your company’s latest news and much more. Within the rapidly growing hemp and cannabis industry, it is vital to do whatever you can to stand out amongst your competitors.

We Do Web Design

Just relax, we’ve got this

Secure your dispensary’s placement in all the top map listings
Know where your visitors are from
Get to the top of Google
We write cool articles
Google authorship
Map optimization

We Get Social

We set up and manage it all

Facebook gurus
Google+ wizards
Instagram junkies
Pinterest hotshots
Massroots masters

Email and Mobile

We give your customers the 411

Engaging newsletters
We email specials to your list
We do cool video emails
We will text last-minute deals

Public Relations

It all has to work together

Optimized press releases for the web
Professionally written
Sent to our cannabis media list
We establish you as the expert
We brand your look