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Erahn Michaela Martin

Advocate and Educator of Hemp & CBD

Phone: 720-495-0771

Erahn Martin is an advocate and educator of CBD (cannabidiol) and Hemp.  She was introduced to CBD and Hemp in early 2017, and once she started researching the Endocannabinoid system there was no looking back! She instantly started feeding her own ECS, and was blown away by the results it had on her health, mood, focus, and most importantly…her appetite and sugar cravings!! Shortly after joining forces with her sister, she left the corporate world to pursue her dream of working for herself in a field that fuels her passion to help others and the planet.  She felt it was her life’s mission to share this amazing plant, to speak on its behalf and bring it back to life all around the world. Erahn graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 2002 with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications. She moved to Colorado in 2003, and currently lives in Highlands Ranch, CO with her beautiful family.  She has built a network of like-minded individuals spreading awareness all over the US and Europe, educating the masses on Hemp and the power of CBD rich hemp oil. She believes there is no stopping the truth about hemp; before long CBD will be legal worldwide, meaning every living creature will have access to it, and our soil will be replenished with what was wrongfully taken from it: hemp is Earth’s medicine. We are at the end of prohibition; it’s an exciting time for everyone involved in the cannabis industry.  Erahn is reminded daily of this amazing plant by how it was introduced to her, by how it has completely changed her life and the lives of others.  Life is about experiences, but more importantly it is about how you feel while living it every day.  Helping others improve their quality of life is what sets her soul on fire!