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Kate Awada

5700 Consulting
Englewood, CO

In 2009 Kathryn joined the industry in Colorado as a trimmer a seemingly seamless transition from her previous career as a Cosmetologist. From there with her take charge attitude Kathryn became a store and warehouse manager at a family owned and operated center in southeast Denver. In 2011 The Giving Tree of Denver hired Kathryn on as a bud-tender where she would become the operational director and over see the OPC, MMC and compliance.
Having walked every life within the industry Kathryn truly has an amazing grasp on the ins and outs and what it takes to operate in the most efficient manor. Bud-tender of the month in the daily Doobie from her work at the Giving Tree of Denver, Kathryn also assisted in the Aids walk 2 years in a row, being one of the first centers to get involved in this charity event.

Kathryn has since assisted Franwell within the METRC software, giving feedback from the industry and is recommended by Adilas, FlowHub, and BioTrack for her proficiency within the industry and software’s. Kathryn is the first to train, remediate and assist in the transition of Medical to Recreational facilities within METRC formerly MITS a state mandated tracking software in the state of Colorado.

Since she began consulting Awada has assisted in opening over 6 new facilities, more than 10 transitions and done over 150 METRC audits. 5700 offers free educational Munch’n’Learns monthly to anyone with a hunger for knowledge.

Kathryn has also coordinated and assistant director in the annual charity event for 5 years running for multiple causes from the children’s hospital to the Germach project with the Mile High Wellness Christmas charity events. She has spoken in New York in 2014 on Compliance for the ICA as well as at CU for the Cannabis Law League.

Kathryn grew up in the Cannabis industry and considers it her home and her dharma to help anyone along the way in any capacity she is capable.