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Sheridan Rafer

Institute of Medical Cannabis
Delray Beach, Florida

Working with Cannabis since 2004: Educator, Consultant, Cultivator, Breeder

– Degree in Business Administration
– Worked for a Fortune 200 company for 3 years
– Attended & completed numerous cannabis courses, seminars, & lectures in medical marijuana states & legal/semi-legal countries
– Consulted for growers, caregivers, & patients in mmj states since 2004
– Have well over 100 grows & have created multiple breeding projects involving many Cannabis Cup winning strains
– Been featured on local news, in local papers, as well as national publications (NY Post, DETAILS Magazine, etc)
– Over 7,000 cannabis industry connections/contacts/members
– Volunteered to help pass Amendment 2 (mmj) in Florida

Early 2014:
I founded the Institute of Medical Cannabis (see link below) in South Florida. IMC was established to educate, instruct, & certify individuals that are interested in learning about medical cannabis and the cannabis industry. The Institute of Medical Cannabis offers both In-Person & Online Courses.

Late 2016:
We were pleased to announce the debut of our premium line of cannabis, ONE KIND™ – Connoisseur Cannabis (see link below)! It all started in 2004 with collecting genetics from some of the best breeders & seed companies from around the world. With over a decade of cultivating & breeding, our team has found some amazing genetics & created some as well. We are currently in the process of *genetically testing some of our flagship strains in order to confirm their genotype, protect our intellectual property, and differentiate & legitimize our brand.

My expertise is in Grow Room Design, Garden Forecasting (Fixed & Variable Costs Involved, as well as Production Projections), Medical Marijuana Strains & Lineage, Breeding, Grow Equipment, Organic/Living/Super Soil & Nutrients, Harvest & Post-Harvest Techniques